Engagement and Change

Your team can be your best asset or your greatest risk. At Clear Aim, we’ll show you how the right employee experience can help you drive better business results.

Avoid the hidden threat to your productivity

Do you employees jump from one experience to another, never feeling like they’re part of the same team? Are they frozen by fear of change – from technology transformation, pivots in strategy, or organizational shifts?

To deliver a great employee experience, you need clear, consistent communications at every touch point in the employee journey. If your employees don’t feel engaged and empowered, they may seek a better experience elsewhere.

Barriers to engagement include:

  • Lack of clear vision and company goals
  • Unclear or misaligned individual goals
  • Inadequate employee training
  • Infrequent or inconsistent executive and employee communications
  • Insufficient recognition

Without the right help to create your employee communication and engagement strategy, you might be concerned about low morale or missed business opportunities, frustrated by competing for and losing prospective hires to your competitors, exhausted by high attrition or a team that lacks the resources, skills, or motivation to deliver on your goals.

What if you could provide best-in-class communications and experiences to help you hire, develop and empower employees throughout their journey with your company?

Inform, engage, and inspire

Clear Aim provides communication and engagement programs to help you become an employer of choice.

  • Recruiting communications
  • Onboarding and new hire training programs
  • Executive roadshow and “Town Hall” event management
  • Executive communications and social programs
  • Learning & development content and communications
  • Change management communications
  • Employee engagement and community involvement activities
  • Employee social ambassador programs

We’ve helped small businesses and Fortune 500 companies onboard, train, and develop their employees to build their brand.

We’ll work with you to create messages, materials, and experiences to engage employees from before they join your company through the hiring and onboarding processes.

For employees who are already part of your team, we’ll craft ongoing engagement activities, communications, and events to help strengthen relationships, support company initiatives, and fuel their passion for work and the communities around them.

Together, we’ll move your team from where they are today to where you want them to go, and inform, engage, and inspire them along the way.

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