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Clear Aim Brand Marketing logo on purple background with the text: For startups and small businesses who want to attract more customers, we provide brand strategy and marketing services that get more people to notice and remember you, so that when it's time to buy, you're the one they choose.  Sara Mariani, Owner & Brand Strategist, www.clearaim.com
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Marketing agency in Leander

Big Brand Expertise
+ Small-Town Heart

Clear Aim is a marketing agency in Leander, Texas. We bring a variety of experiences from international technology and national real estate companies to successful political campaigns and non-profit community events and organizations. 

We’ve worked with companies of all types and sizes, from five-person software teams to global Fortune 100 Corporations and the world’s best advertising agencies. Now, we combine big brand expertise and small-town heart to help you grow. 

Small Business Marketing

If you’re getting ready to launch a small business in Leander, we can help. Check out our Small Business Marketing Services today.

Making a difference in our community

We’re proud to support local non-profits and Leander ISD schools, participate in the Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce, and help local businesses and non-profit agencies grow as a marketing agency in Leander.

Give Back Initiative

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