Clear Aim

Brand Identity

Your brand is much more than a logo. You need a brand identity that is distinctive and easy for customers to recognize and remember. Clear Aim and our network of partners will help you develop a unique identity and distinctive assets that help your target customers notice and choose you.

Brand Identity Intensive

Woman standing while conducting a brand identity workshop with a team of other women

Building on your Brand Strategy Roadmap and Brief, Clear Aim will facilitate a Brand Identity Intensive workshop with you and your team. Together, we’ll implement your strategy, developing your brand identity and brand codes.

After the workshop, you’ll receive files for your core assets, including primary and secondary logos, fonts, color palette, brand voice, and a style guide.

Distinctive Brand Assets

branded image of an online retail provider with clothing staged on mannequins

In addition to your core assets, it may be necessary to create other distinctive brand assets to ensure that your brand stands out and is memorable. These may be other visual, auditory, or experiential cues that help anchor your brand in your customers’ memories and connect to all the marketing activities they see from you.

Clear Aim works with a variety of creative partners to build distinctive assets that suit your needs.