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grow your brand

Stand out with brand strategy and marketing services that help you grow.

Why do you need branding?

Only a portion of your target customers are in the market to buy at any time. If you want to grow your business, they have to notice you and trust that you can solve their problems. Then, they have to recognize and remember you when it's time to buy. Branding helps you stand out and creates memories and associations in customers' minds. This helps them recognize you in a crowded category and remember you when it's time to buy.

Brand Strategy

It’s not enough to bring compelling products or services to market. Without an effective brand strategy, your business won’t stand out or get the results you need to grow. Clear Aim offers market research and...

Brand Identity

Your brand is much more than a logo. You need a brand identity that is distinctive and easy for customers to recognize and remember. Clear Aim and our network of partners will help you develop...

Brand Plan

Successful brands don’t achieve their desired growth based on products, strategy, or marketing assets alone.  Instead, short- and long-term sales performance requires a tactical plan and media investment to help you reach your audience where...

Clear Aim Brand Marketing

Clear Aim is a brand marketing agency in Austin, Texas. While we love living in the live music capital of the world, we prefer to work behind the scenes and keep the spotlight on you.

For startups and small businesses who want to attract more customers, we provide brand consulting and marketing services to get more people to notice and remember you so that when it’s time to buy, you’re the one they choose.

A dark street in downtown Austin Texas, is lit up by car lights speeding by a colorfully-painted guitar, which highlights the city's love for music.

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Human brains make thousands of decisions automatically each day. Effective branding helps your customers think of you instead of filtering you out.
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How Brand Associations Work as Memory Cues

Brands exist as a web of cognitive associations that consumers have connected to your brand in their memories. Refresh these memories to make your brand more likely to come to mind in buying situations.
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Tell, show, and do to create brand experts

After putting effort and investment into developing a strong brand, how do you ensure everyone uses it correctly?
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Get the help you need

Whatever challenge or opportunity is driving your branding needs, we’ll help you build the right strategy, identity, and plan to stand out and grow your business.

  • Starting a company
  • Launching a product or service
  • Pivoting your startup
  • Targeting a new market segment
  • Activating your brand at events