Grow your brand in 2024

Grow your brand in 2024

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Tired of being forgotten?

Stop blending in with the crowd and losing out to competitors. Build an effective brand strategy, story, and marketing plan to get your target customers to notice, recognize, and remember you when it's time to buy.

Brand Strategy

You’ve got great products and services, but do you understand your customer and have a strong enough brand to win their business? Your campaigns, content, and communications need a unique and differentiated brand strategy behind...

Content Marketing

Your target audience does their research online long before they ever talk with you. They’re looking for information to help them solve their problems. If you’re a startup or small business owner who needs to...


Strategic, frequent, consistent communications are key to building your brand. For political campaigns, government agencies, and companies of all sizes, we deliver communications strategy, planning, and management services to help you tell your story. We’ll help...

Fractional Marketing Director

Are you ready to grow your business, but not ready to expand your team? Clear Aim offers the perfect solution for startups and small businesses who need specialized marketing expertise without committing to additional staff....

Clear Aim Brand Marketing

Clear Aim is a brand marketing agency in Austin, Texas. While we love living in the live music capital of the world, we prefer to work behind the scenes and keep the spotlight on you.

For startups and small businesses who want to attract more customers, we provide brand consulting and marketing services to get more people to notice and remember you so that when it’s time to buy, you’re the one they choose.

A dark street in downtown Austin Texas, is lit up by car lights speeding by a colorfully-painted guitar, which highlights the city's love for music.

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Contrast is King

Good design principles require that any type you use to convey information must be legible and accessible to your audience.
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Category Entry Points

Category Entry Points are moments when a specific buying situation prompts customers to enter your market category. Link your brand to CEPs that fit you best to increase the likelihood that customers will choose you when it’s time to buy.
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Close Every Prospect

The best thing to try if you want to make your marketing and communications more effective? 📣 Ask for the action you want people to take. ⁠In marketing, this is a “Call to Action,” or CTA. ⁠ ⁠ See our blog post, "Close Every Prospect" ⁠for 10 examples.
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Whatever challenge or opportunity is driving your branding needs, we’ll help you build the right strategy, identity, and plan to stand out and grow your business.

  • Starting a company
  • Launching a product or service
  • Pivoting your startup
  • Targeting a new market segment
  • Activating your brand at events