capture your audience

capture your audience

Whether you’re a start-up, small business, government agency, or global company, Clear Aim provides flexible marketing communications services to help you engage and influence the people who matter.

Brand Strategy

For small businesses and startups, Clear Aim offers brand strategy consulting services to help you define your strategy and grow your brand. Your brand is the collection of memories, perceptions, associations, and feelings customers have...

Content Marketing

For startups and small businesses who need to build an online presence or engage buyers in conversation, Clear Aim provides content marketing strategy and content creation to help you compete in a digital world. Meet...


For political campaigns, government agencies, and companies of all sizes, Clear Aim provides communications strategy, planning, and management services to help you tell your story and reach your constituents, volunteers, customers, and employees. Connect with your...

Who we are

Clear Aim is a marketing communications agency based in the Austin, Texas area. While we love living in the live music capital of the world, we prefer to work behind the scenes and keep the spotlight on you.

We bring experience with companies of all types and sizes, from five-person software teams to global Fortune 100 Corporations.

Clear Aim is led by Sara Mariani. A marketing and communications leader and storyteller at heart, Sara is skilled at elevating brands and creating content and communications for employees, partners, customers, constituents, and volunteers.

Austin Texas

Featured content

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Take time to map your customer journey

Whether you're building a content marketing strategy or trying to improve satisfaction, understanding what your customers are going through will help you make the experience...
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Tell, show, and do to create brand experts

"Tell, show, do." While leading employee communications for a large company, I worked on many of its learning and development projects. We described everything we...
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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions or Fully Anticipated Questions?

Years ago, while working for a software company, I got into a lengthy discussion with a developer and tech support manager about the value of...
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Close Every Prospect

One of the most important lessons any salesperson must learn is to "close every prospect." You can develop a relationship with prospective customers, identify their...
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What clients say

Sara is a fantastic writer, an absolute professional, and a pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend Sara highly enough.

Travis Lippert

In an environment with exacting standards, she always delivered above and beyond expectations. In short, Sara is a joy to work with and is a valuable asset to any team or project.

Wade Mayhue

Sara listens well, understands objectives and can articulate them to larger audiences with energy, clarity and style.

Brian Scardina

Get the help you need

Clear Aim provides Marketing and Communications services for individuals and organizations of all sizes. Whatever challenge or opportunity is keeping you up at night, we’ll help you craft the marketing and communications strategy and tactics to get the job done.

  • Launching a product
  • Pivoting your startup
  • Preparing for an event
  • Pitching investors
  • Introducing new company leaders
  • Preparing for a re-organization
  • Rolling out new technology and tools
  • Facing cuts to your agency budget
  • Understaffed and on deadline
  • Responding to a crisis