Contrast is King

Contrast is King

Some say, “Content is King.” Content is definitely key to communicating with your audience. But, they have to be able to read your message before it can have any impact.

We see lots of social posts, web pages, outdoor signs, and other ads that people spent time and money on, only to fail at the one job they had to do. Why? Because the individual who created them didn’t understand a key design principle.

When you’re using words to convey information, there must be enough contrast between the type and the background it’s layered on, or your words won’t be legible or accessible to your audience.

If you’re a small business owner or new designer and don’t have a ton of experience with this yet, don’t worry. There are free tools you can use to help. Don’t assume that a certain color palette you like will work for everyone. Instead, test and verify that your color combinations have enough contrast, even if you have to add few options to those you had in mind.

Here are 3 free contrast checkers to get you started.

Contrast is just one piece of making your communications accessible. Want to learn more? Here’s info from the US Chamber of Commerce on making sure your website complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).